FUTURES: 50 Years in Space, The Challenge of the Stars
by David A. Hardy and Sir Patrick Moore, illustrated by David A. Hardy

(Harper Design, 128 pages, September 2004)


A Science Shelf Guest Review by Dee-Marie
Managing Editor, renderosity.com

republished with permission of the author

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FUTURES: 50 Years In Space, The Challenge Of The Stars, is an accumulation of fifty years of scientific research of the universe, as well as an anniversary celebration of two friends; David A. Hardy and Sir Patrick Moore. These two visionaries first collaborated in 1954 to illustrate and author Sun, Myths, And Men, and later created The Challenge Of The Stars (the 1972 prequel to FUTURES).

David A. Hardy and Sir Patrick Moore's fifty years of research and intense study into all aspects of the universe, along with their visions of things to come, have made FUTURES: 50 Years In Space, The Challenge Of The Stars, not only food for the artistic soul, but a fulfillment of the intellectual hunger for the secrets of the universe.

David Hardy's Self Portrait as a Martian Biker

FUTURES: 50 Years In Space, The Challenge Of The Stars, is actually two books in one; a beautifully illustrated coffee table art book, and an informative scientific vision of the universe. Futures, explores the history of the stars, and delves into the possibilities and the probabilities of the universe's future.

Computer graphic artists will be awed and inspired by David A. Hardy's graphics, which were created in Adobe Photoshop and Terragen. David illustrates the wonders of the universe by utilizing scientific data, and when possible, actual photographic images for reference.

The pages of Futures overflow with informative scientific facts and full-page images encompassing many facets of the universe including: planets (their satellites and moons), asteroids, comets, black holes, and pulsars.

FUTURES: 50 Years In Space, The Challenge Of The Stars, is a visual and educational exploration into the wonders of the universe, and a must have for your personal library.

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